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Magic Box is specialized in shipping container products, we customize shipping container into all kinds of different usage ,  you can use  magic box to be a restaurant , a shop ,a  teach classroom or an office , even a home , we have fronted ideas and elegant technology , to make the container box into a magic way of life , if you want to start a mobile business , modular business , or you want to have a  nice place in your back yard , Magic is a good choice , we are already to accept all kinds of customzied request ,and we will faith to make it in real , so come to our website and get a box started!
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Food Kiosk   ,


 Light guage steel for structure Various sandwich panel for wall and roof, including EPS/rock wool/

 Fiberglass/PU and other decorative tiles.

 Optional items

 Plumbing, electricity system, and furniture.


 Permanent & temporary residence, book shop, newspaper shop, fast food kios, sentry box,

 guard house and etc.


 Flexible dimension, lower cost, quick fabrication, easy delivery, fast installation, Reliable aseismic, good insulation.

 Service for you

 Design— according to your drawings or some details needed

 Fabrication—Strictly fabricate every member based on the drawings confirmed

 Packing—-Reasonable packing ensures the quality and convenience to transport and install

 Transportation—Good relationship with CSCL,OOCL, MSC, Maersk marine lines and etc..

 Installation—-complete instructions for installation, or technical support by assigning

             our engineer on site.

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 Technical Parameters:

Earth resistance: Above 8 grades
Wind proof: against 110km/h wind
Thermal Conductivity: 0.038W/(m.K)
Anti-seismic: against 7 richter scale
Compressive strength: 91.5Kpa
Water vapor permeability: 3.1ng/(Pa.m.s)
Water Absorptivity: 1.05%
Fire proof : B2 grade.
Live load capacity of roofing: 0.5kn/m2
Wind speed resistance: 86.4km/h
Heat conductivity <0.044W/M.K